Daum glassworks nancy daum


One of the most famous glass works in Europe known for its richly colored Art Nouveau vases, it is located in Nancy, France. Combining location and name of founding family, it is also known by the name Nancy Daum. It's heydey was 1890 to 1930, but the company remains in operation led by the heirs of the founder, Jean Daum (1825-1885) of Alsace. In 1875, he co- financed "Verrerie Sainte Catherine", which produced glass for watches and mirrors. It failed financially, so Daum took over the operation and changed the name to "Verrierie the Nancy". His sons Jean Auguste (1853-1909) and Antonin (1864-1931) joined the business, which expanded with electricity to stunning color-illuminating tablelamps. These won much attention at the 1900 Paris World's Fair. During World War I, the company made medical glass and post-war manufactured the glass for the steam ship, Le Normandie.